Parisian-based  Zadig & Voltaire is hosting a warehouse sale in Soho through January 27th. We stopped in after work Wednesday evening.

You’ll find plenty of merchandise – clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories and even items for the chic little girl.

The discount starts at 30% off the ticketed price to 70% off. Many of the items were spotted were 50-60 percent off.

Many of the items appeared to be from the outlet, as indicted on the tags.

Highlights include cashmere sweaters at $100, funky T-shirts at under $40, sparkly sneakers at just over $100, coats at $200+ and scarves under $100.

Selection for sizing depends on the styles. Dressing rooms are available in the back.

If you’re a fan of the popular French brand, it’s worth checking out.

In addition, Zadig & Voltaire’s menswear is also on sale down a few blocks at 104 Grand Street from January 14th through 20th.

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