Hugo Boss is hosting a sample sale this week at the label’s showroom in Chelsea where merchandise is going for 75 percent off. I stopped in first thing Tuesday morning to find so much merchandise for both men and women.  There was definitely a lot for men.  Also on offer was  a small selection of clothing for children.


Let’s start with women’s merchandise:  Blazers are $109; jackets start at $130; coats just over $200; leathers are under $300; blouses are $50; knits/sweaters are $45 or $75; jerseys are $30 (tees) and $40 (long sleeve); tanks are $15.  You’ll find shoes for under $150.  Now onto the men’s stuff:  suits $250; dress shirts $45; trousers start at $60; ties; $25;  jeans are $50; knitwear $75; polos $35; tees $30-$40; dress shoes $90; boots $150 and sneakers $60.  I was also impressed with the men’s bags.  You can find some great leather bags for under $200.

While the Boss showroom was teaming with customers looking through the racks for deals this morning, it wasn’t mobbed.  The sales staff were very nice – answering customers’ questions.  I did purchase a few things:  a magenta cashmere scarf for my sister ($20) and a shirt and jeans for my nephew ($25).

Where/When: 601 W. 26th St., b/w 11th and 12th Sts., eighth fl.; 10/6-9 T–Th (9:30–5), F (10–3)