I was meeting a friend at Central Park Sunday so I thought I’d wander over to the La Perla lingerie sale across from the Plaza Hotel.  Just like last fall’s sale, the line stretched down the block.  Yesterday, was the first day and these are serious La Perla fans willing to stand it out in the scorching heat.  There was even an elderly woman in a walker waiting to get inside (check out the video). One group already knew the score after standing in line at previous sales.  They were prepared to spend their entire afternoon here.  One of them apparently had the inside scoop, telling me that everything would be on sale for $70.  As we stood there, we looked at one of the window displays at Bergdorf Goodman of Carrie’s closet in the film Sex and the City 2.  Among the Halston dresses, Stella McCartney lingerie, Louboutins, Manolos, and a bottle of bubbly, was a box of melting chocolates (yes, they were real!).  I felt like those chocolates dripping in the heat so I thought I’d skip this sale today and try it later this week.  Sale organizers will reportedly be restocking with new merchandise daily.  Let us know if you braved the line and made it upstairs…

Where/When: 4 W. 58th St., nr. Fifth Ave., fourth fl. (212-920-1212); June 6 – 9; Su (1–5), M–W (10–6).

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