The hip, minimalist boutique which showcases edgy streetwear and designer clothing and accessories is hosting a sample sale at the 260 Sample Sale outpost at its 151 Wooster Street in Soho.

“While items are a boasted 90% off at the VFiles sample sale, there seem to be slim pickins in terms of styles that truly excite.

For Men, Tees are priced at $10-$20 and coats top off the price list at $85. For women, swimwear tops and bottoms are $15 each and skirts are $45. Vfiles branded socks (black with yellow logo) are $5 and hats (black and white) are $10 a pop.

The glittery high top converse and pump style Reeboks may appeal to some. All in all, mediocre selection. However, in the same space, Helmut Lang products are on discount. That may be more worthy of the trip. Sale ends this Sunday, August 4th.” – Fashionable Femme Jen of Style Curated