Let’s get to the point…  In my opinion, this season’s Hermes sale has really gone downhill… a real disappointment. If you’re looking for scarves or handbags, forget it!  The selection for accessories, especially the signature scarves was non-existent (only a handful of large unappealing silk and wool scarves).


As for handbags, there were none to be seen.  Just luggage such as a small canvas suitcase for $4,525.  Most items are 40-percent off.   The jewelry offerings were also a let down:  enamel bangles for $230, leather and silver mixed bracelets for $112.  As for footwear, so-so selection of shoes ( flats at $204, suede wedges at $480 and strappy platforms at $1,130) and boots (leather and suede knee length boots are $1,050). I even looked at the clothing which was pretty much cost-prohibited for me.  If you’re looking for neckwear, there were lots of ties (at $111) on offer.  There were also home stuff such as dishes for under $150 a piece and wine glasses at $99 each.

I found no gems… and I spotted quite a number of people leaving empty handed.  As the French say:  Ca ne vaut pas la peine  (it’s not worth the effort).

Where/When:  317 W. 33rd St., 2nd Floor.  Sept 22 to 24.  Thurs (9-8p), Fri and Sat (9-6p).



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