The Ulla Johnson sample sale opened to the public Thursday (June 13) and if the preview (which was mobbed!) is any indication, be prepared for huge crowds. The line for the preview stretched down the street!

As you walk in, you’ll need to check in your bags – as usual. Once inside, we were surprised to find plenty of merchandise. Racks and racks of clothing. This is really an overstock sale which means a range of sizes.

The merchandise is organized by style. The tops/blouses are near the front door along with dresses and sweaters. In the middle of the space are more dresses (short and long) as well as jumpsuits and skirts.

As mentioned, there are a range of sizes but you’ll need to go through the pieces to find yours.

There are also lots of bins containing handbags (fabric, straw, leather, etc).

Shoes are downstairs.

Pricing is posted throughout the space. Take a look at the gallery below for the list.

Sale is located at 151 Wooster Street in Soho and ends this Sunday, June 16th.