It may be an odd mix but the footwear brand, Toms, has teamed up with S’well bottle to offer discounted goods at a sample sale in NoMad. Both do give part of their proceeds to charity. A tipster stopped by today and sends us photos from the sale.

Here’s her intel:

“As I am not familiar with the S’well brand, I assumed I was just going to see your standard water bottles.  But these are stainless steel, double-sided and some are designed well enough to display on an open kitchen cabinet for a pop of art.  They are 50% off retail (9 oz. for $12, 17 oz. for $18, 25 oz. for $22) and many of the styles are currently available online at full price (Santorini, Cupid’s Arrow and Ours).  They also come in really nice boxes so they are great for gift giving.  Especially the gold bottle that says “Ours”.

I thought I’d snagged the last hand painted sweater like designed “Santorini” when the staff brought out a new box.  So don’t worry, they were replenishing. Important note: 10 bottle limit.

There’s a dizzying assortment of Tom’s shoes as well.  For women there are sandals and boots and everything in between.  The best part is that they have a wide range of sizes.  This isn’t a “sample size” shoe sale.”  They also had a range of sunglasses for $65/pair.

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