rack of tibi dresses

The Tibi sample sale is taking place this week in Soho. Christina who is a huge fan of the label made it to the friends and family preview yesterday morning… She tells us that all in all, it’s a pretty good sale.

“This is definitely a better space for it, as the dressing room area is a lot larger with more mirrors. The shoe selection is superb! They have a great selection of boots (some with cut outs and color-blocking), mules, flats, and heels.

If you are bigger than a size 9 though, don’t bother. I am a 9.5 to a 10 depending on the shoe and the size 40.5 was still too small. I was told there are no 41s, so I was out of luck. In addition to stock, there are bins of $25 sample shoes. They were pretty picked through when I was there, but I heard they would be restocking as the sale goes on.

In terms of the clothing, there are some great outerwear selections to choose from and a table full of sweaters. There is also a large selection of midi skirts, which people seemed very happy about. They come in patterns and solids (such as royal blue, black, and mint green) and seem to be available in all sizes. There is also a beautiful black leather midi skirt.

In addition to the standout outerwear and skirts, there are also dresses, pants, shorts, and blouses. I did notice some repeat items that were at past sales, especially in the dress category. If you are looking for workwear, there are some nice 4c dresses for only $75. Like the shoes, there are also sample bins with clothing priced at $25.

I noticed a lot of Spring clothing in the bins, but I did score one black dress for work. I was particularly interested in sample coats, as I found some great ones last year, but I didn’t see any in the sample bins this time around.

There doesn’t seem to be a limit on the amount of items allowed in the fitting room. Unfortunately, most women were leaving their unwanted items in a pile on the floor, which made me feel terrible for the staffers. The staffers were extremely friendly and helpful despite the frantic environment though.

There should be further discounts towards the end of the sale, so stay tuned for updates.” – Christina of Lusting for Leather

Where/When: 42 Greene Street, New York; Nov 11-13; Tues (Noon-8pm), Wed (9am-8pm), Thurs (9am-5pm).