The Tibi ssample sale is taking place at 150 Greene Street in Soho through this Sunday, November 3rd. Christina checked out the sale earlier this week and gives us her review:

“I stopped by the Tibi VIP portion of the sample sale about a half hour prior to opening and was the first in line.  By 6pm, there were only 10-15 people there, and I think everyone besides myself was from Chicmi. 

I used to love the Tibi sample sales years ago when they put on their own sale.  Then they moved it to CT for a bit, followed by exclusive online sales, so I was thrilled to hear there was one in the city again.  However, there were literally ZERO samples!  They used to have bins of samples, mostly items that were in perfect condition, but that didn’t get mass produced for some reason or another. 

In addition to not having any samples, the pricing is still very high.  Almost everything is over $99, with the exception of tanks.  Coats are $249 and leather is $335; however, there wasn’t much of a selection here.  The biggest selection was dresses and there were a few cute short dresses for $125.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much variety in terms of sizing.  The accessories are only $30, but they just consisted of a bunch of clear and neon plastic belts.  People did seem pretty happy with the shoe selection though.  Prices range from $99 for sandals to $149 for boots.  They did have a really nice selection of mules.” – Christina