The Theory and Helmut Lang Sample Sale is underway this week through Friday at Clothingline in the Garment District. Christina who has our report was not impressed with the selection. Here’s her take:

“I rushed there after work on Tuesday and got there around 5:30 p.m. There was no line to get in and I noticed quite a few people leaving empty-handed (never a good sign).

The sale is not organized by size, as it usually is, likely because there isn’t enough of each style to warrant organizing the clothing this way. There appeared to be a lot of one-offs and damaged items. There are signs throughout the store warning customers to check their items, as they are final sale and may be damaged.

If you can find a non-damaged item, the pricing is pretty good (starting at $50 for tees and tops and topping at $329 for shearling coats (which I didn’t even spot). Honestly though, if I have to pick through all of the clothes just to find my size and something that isn’t damaged, I may as well just go to Nordstrom Rack (they usually carry Theory).

As for Helmut Lang, I didn’t even see any clothing (I could have missed it, but everything I saw was Theory). There are some bins of accessories that have Theory and Helmut Lang labels on them though. Those bins range from $25-$45 for belts, scarves, and hats and $125 for bags. There are also Theory and Helmut Lang shoes, but the selection is extremely limited. I mainly saw size 37 and 38.

If you are in the area and aren’t looking for anything in particular, it may be worth stopping in to try to find a few pieces at a discount. In my opinion though, it wasn’t worth the subway ride I took to get there.

Hopefully next year they have their usual November sale with lots of stock.” – Christina

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