The Theory women’s sample sale is taking place this week at Chelsea Market. If you’re looking to update your work wardrobe, you may want to stop into this sale. And there’s also workout gear! Muskie has our report:

“The staff were putting the finishing touches for the sale’s opening to the public when I came in to check out the deals.

Pastel and summer-ready dresses ($129) greet you right when you come in. Lots of corporate and office wear neutrals for the season. I really liked the white pleated skirt with black polka dots ($89).

Sweaters are $109. Outerwear is $179. Tees are $39, pants are $99, and shirts are $89.

I was thrilled to see Theory+ (their athletic line) available! Lots of workout gear to jumpstart your spring/summer workout in neon and classic colors. I saw tees ($29), zip up sweaters/jackets ($69), leggings ($39), pants ($39), tanks, and crop tops.

There are 12 styles of shoes ($149). Some have back stock. Good amount of merchandise for belts ($29) and plenty of back stock. I saw 4 hats ($49) and some scarves.

A few sales ago they had theiyskin theory bags that were very popular. Last sale they had lots of requests for handbags and little on offer. So this sale they have lots of different styles ($199) and don’t worry about it all selling out on the first day. They have lots of back stock.

The fitting room is very spacious and there are signs reminding you to please be careful of makeup when trying on garments and other signs saying please re-hang unwanted clothing and give it to the fitting room staff.

Guys, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. The men’s Theory sample sale is happening next week. The organizers of the event decided to separate the sales so both genders have more room to shop!” – Mushkie of Holy in Mundane

Where/When: Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Avenue (b/w 15th & 16th Streets). May 18-22; Wed-Sat (10am-7pm), Sun (10am-5pm).