The Row is hosting its seasonal sale this weekend at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. We attended yesterday’s preview.

The sale is taking place on the 5th floor. Before you enter, you’ll need to check in your bag and coat. No pictures are allowed so we didn’t take any. That said, we’ll do our best to describe the offerings.

The discount is 70% off ready-to-wear, handbags and shoes (yes, they had shoes this time! More on that later) are 60% off. The fur (hanging on a rack near the registers) are 40% off.

There lots of seasonal offerings, including plenty of cashmere sweaters folded on tables (sale pricing ranged from $300-$400+). There were also pants, shirts, skirts and dresses. There weren’t a lot of coats. RTW pieces were organized by size.

Handbags are in a corner situated near the entrance. There was quite a selection from crossbodies, shoulder bags totes and a very limited selection of backpacks. See below for a list of styles we spotted.

The footwear was in a corner. Selection was slim. We noticed that there wasn’t much left for certain sizes such as 37s. Pricing was from $300-$500.

Not sure if they’ll be restocking footwear but we did see boxes underneath the knit/sweater tables.

BELOW is a list of styles we spotted with the REGULAR PRICE:

  • Small hunting bag crossbody $3,800/large hinting bag II $3,600
  • Small backpack 9 $2,550
  • Half moon bag $2,390
  • Backpack II $3,200
  • Duplex shoulder bag $2,850
  • Cashmere sweater Banny $1,150
  • Tom top $1,150
  • Sheppa top $1690
  • Agnez top $2,290
  • Ilma top $1,490
  • Angel top $1,590
  • Suskin top $850
  • Nitan dress $590
  • Relma pant $450
  • Caya top $1190
  • Seta white shirt $590
  • Carlton silk top $790
  • Biggins spaghetti strap top $350
  • Quipton leather quilted jacket $4,750
  • Nolbon jacket $2990
  • Moore dress $1,290
  • Vera dress $5,750
  • Resme pant $1,290
  • Chin pant $790
  • Moto legging $2,090
  • Tips pant $650
  • Resme pant in cream $316
  • Arez pant $2,550
  • Schoolboy jacket $1,325

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