Incredible, luxurious, yet simple, pieces can be had at this week’s The Row sample sale taking place at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. While this is a sale, the discount is still pretty pricey. That said, you may want to splurge. If you’re already a fan of the New York City based brand, you appreciate its fine fabrics and craftsmanship. These investment pieces will last years…

This sale is always immaculately presented and this season was no different. Most of the clothing are separated by size hanging on racks along the large space. Sweaters and other knits are folded on tables in the middle and sides of the room. Trying to keep these tables neat is a tough job for staffers.

Now onto the actual discount details. The markdowns are 60% off for accessories (includes handbags) and 70% off ready-to-wear. What does that translate to?

We’ll try to give you an idea. There are handbags – large ones (backpacks are now $1,440, was $3,600), medium shoulder bag now $1,020, was $2,550, cross-bodies now $460, was $1,150.

As for clothing – cashmere sweaters retailed for $1,090-$1,690 (now $327 to $507), basic non-cashmere knits retailed for $690-$890 (now $207-$267). Leather jackets that retailed for $3,390 is now $1,017. Button down tops retailed for $1,490 are now $447. Basic tees were tagged at $350 (now $105). There were also sunglasses available that came out to be $200 after the discount.

Note: We weren’t allowed to take any photographs. Thus, the lack of images from this sale…

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