We try to check out The News Showroom in Soho when they have their sample sale (twice a year). The reason: they carry a number of cool downtown brands, including Alumnae shoes, Woman by Common Projects as well as the house brand 6397.

While we tend to focus on the footwear (Common Projects and Alumnae), there’s so much more here. This season’s sale starts today (Thursday) and goes through this Saturday, May 19th.

The merchandise is organized and labeled by brand. If you like well-made basics, check out the 6397 pieces. You’ll find tops, knits, bottoms, dresses and jackets in black, navy, grays along with a limited selection of pastels and primary colors mixed in. Prices start at $30 but most items hover around $100 or more.

Also available are Wendelborn and Colovos which are next to each other on several racks.

Men’s merchandise can be had along a wall on one side of the room. Labels include Common Projects, Tim Coppens, Long Journey, DYNE and more.

DESTIN scarves ($80+) can be found hanging on a couple of racks in the space.

Don’t pass up the great deals on 6397 jeans at just $20. They’re neatly folded and placed on tables in the middle of the large space.

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