The News Showroom sample sale goes through tomorrow (May 16th). With the variety of brands they represent, this sale offers deals on a lot of merchandise for both men and women. Fashionable Femme Jen who checked it out yesterday gives us a rundown of what she found:

“Once again, the News sale returns with fervor for fans of Clu, Sacai, Cheap Monday and Tim Coppens, among others. As in sales past, there are tables of miscellaneous $10 Cheap Monday Jeans along with a $10 bin of assorted tees. Bargain bin jean Highlights include a white on white striped skinny jean and stonewashed black styles ($10 each); there was also a striped cropped pant with an elastic waistband. Sizes seem to range from XS (24) to M/L (28). Anniel caffe colored glittery ballet flats are on sale at $10 each (all sizes); other styles with leather soles are $40, styles with rubber soles are $30 and boots are $40. Assorted pump and sandal styles from a variety of brands (e.g. Woman by Common Projects) are available at $50 each and some boots and leather styles are priced at $100 each. There are also some Cheap Monday shoes for $30 each (I debated a pair of black pointed tope platform flats with a pink plastic base). Stand outs include a yellow flat sandal ($50) and black ankle strap pump ($50).

For the ladies, clothing stand outs include a $10 Cheap Monday short black denim skirt, $400 black Public School leather jacket and 6397 tops (striped and solid for $10, graphic tees for $30 and graphic sweatshirts for $40). Sacai has a rack of unique offerings including a patterned trench ($150) and black ruffled skirt ($150). In the back, there is a pile of socks and Cheap Monday silver accessories (e.g. $20 ring).

For the men, there are assorted Tim Coppens shoes at $200 each and a couple $200 bags hanging near the front of the sale. Fans of Public School and Tim Coppens will be happy with the selection.” Fashionable Femme Jen of Style Curated

Where/When: 495 Broadway (north of Broome Street), 5th Floor. Thru Saturday, May 16th (10am-6pm).