I usually to come to The News sample sale for the shoes, particularly Common Projects sneakers and Alumnae sandals, shoes and boots (designed by Kari Sigerson, they’re understated and Made in Italy). For women, the footwear are showroom samples (size 37) which happen to be my size. Therefore, I’ve often done well to find a pair.

This season, the selection for Alumnae was much better than Common Projects. If you wear a 37, it’s worth stopping by.

For men, there’s a few pairs of shoes by Common Projects displayed on a table. Yesterday’s friends and family event wiped out much of the men’s footwear. But, there are still a few pairs left.

The sale also offers plenty of apparel from a list of labels – some little known and new to the showroom. They include new comer Wendelborn, Colovos, L-A brand, Clue, the in-house collection ,6397, Destin scarves and more.

Great deals on clothing at just $20 for 6397 denim and knits.

Pricing Examples:

  • 6397 Pants/skirts/shirts $100
  • 6397 Blazers $80-$100
  • 6397 Sweaters $50-$100
  • 6397 Tank knit dress $150
  • Almunae Sandals $100
  • Almunae Shoes $150
  • Almunae Booties $200
  • Almunae Boots $250
  • Common Projects $175-$200
  • Clu tops $30-$50
  • Clu dresses $100
  • Destin scarves $80

Sale ends on Saturday when they’ll likely slash prices further. Click here to our Calendar Page for location/date/time details of this and other sales in New York City.