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Prices Slashed at the YSL Sale

Today... the last day of the YSL sale at Soiffer Haskin, sale organizers are offering an additional 50% off the sale price on most everything on the sale floor. By lunchtime, there really wasn't anything left at this sale. After a short wait, we made it upstairs to the sale floor. The line to the cash registers were the longest I've ever seen at Soiffer Haskin. [...]

The Overpriced Yves Saint Laurent Sale

The first day of the YSL sale at Soiffer Haskin hadn’t ended and already they were offering further reductions.  We stopped in after work on Friday to find barely a line – just a small one at the bag check where we had to leave our cellphone behind along with our handbag. Inside, it was fairly quiet. Just a few shoppers browsing through the merchandise. Quite a[...]

UPDATE:  YSL Sale, Shorter Lines & Still Lots of Bags

Our intrepid reporter, Fashionable Femme Jen, has been busy! After work, she took a chance at getting into the YSL sale.  She walked in with little to no wait and managed to snag one photo before she was busted… That didn’t stop her from getting a look at the offerings and giving us an update: This evening, there was no line to get into the YSL sample sale… but the[...]

Long Waits at the Start of the YSL Sale

As expected, fans of YSL turned out in droves this morning even before the doors opened at Soiffer Haskin near Penn Station. Here's what the line looked like at 8am. It stretched all the way down 9th Avenue and then some. An hour later, the line snaked around the block, down 34th Street to 8th Avenue! If you're thinking of checking out the sale today, be prepared [...]

UPDATE:  Inside the Last Day of the YSL Sale

I did stick it out... and the wait wasn't that bad once they let all of us inside the YSL sale. Let me get down to the merchandise and today's additional discount.  Almost everything that's still inside is marked down.  The shoes are now $100, boots and Tributes $200 (if you can find any!).  Clothing is 50% off the sale price.  That means the following:  jackets &am[...]

YSL SALE:  Further Reductions on the Last Day

Remember the long lines  for the Yves Saint Laurent sale outside Soiffer Haskin earlier this week? The line is back as shoppers queue up again on this, the last day of the sale. The reason: additional discounts! What's left? We don't have details on today's pricing but I'll try to stick it out and find out. Where/When: Soiffer Haskin, 371 West 33rd St (just north[...]

YSL:  Yves Soggy Line

The line to the Yves Saint Laurent sale in the Garment District was constant on Tuesday... It formed at the crack of dawn and continued through out the day until the doors closed.  We captured some of the images of soggy shoppers standing during yesterday afternoon's downpour.  Take a look at these hardcore fans...