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Prices Slashed at the YSL Sale

Today... the last day of the YSL sale at Soiffer Haskin, sale organizers are offering an additional 50% off the sale price on most everything on the sale floor. By lunchtime, there really wasn't anything left at this sale. After a short wait, we made it upstairs to the sale floor. The line to the cash registers were the longest I've ever seen at Soiffer Haskin. [...]

A few notable sales this week… Let’s start with the much-anticipated Yves Saint Laurent sale which kicks off tomorrow at 9am. This sale is bound to draw a huge crowd. Expect to wait in long lines. On offer will be women's clothing, handbags, belts, small leather goods, jewelry, sunglasses and fragrance. Plus, a selection of men's clothing, shoes, belts and small l[...]

The Overpriced Yves Saint Laurent Sale

The first day of the YSL sale at Soiffer Haskin hadn’t ended and already they were offering further reductions.  We stopped in after work on Friday to find barely a line – just a small one at the bag check where we had to leave our cellphone behind along with our handbag. Inside, it was fairly quiet. Just a few shoppers browsing through the merchandise. Quite a[...]

Bloomingdale’s Summer Sale – up to 80% off Retail

Larry Label Whore is a true shopper of deals.  He’s found plenty of bargains during the end-of-season sales at department stores.  Larry stopped into Bloomingdale's recently and shares his findings: “As I've said many times on the site the best deals are at the department stores. Some sample sales can be great, but if they aren't at least 80-90% off there's no po[...]

This Week’s NYC Sample Sales – Lauren Moffatt, DVF, YSL

Trying to get back into the swing of things now that I've returned to New York City... Here's our sales roundup for the week which gives you a few highlights: At first, we weren't sure that Diane von Furstenberg would be hosting a sample sale this season... but we all got late notice that it is going on.  The sale is set to start tomorrow. Ladies, you'll get d[...]

UPDATE:  YSL Sale, Shorter Lines & Still Lots of Bags

Our intrepid reporter, Fashionable Femme Jen, has been busy! After work, she took a chance at getting into the YSL sale.  She walked in with little to no wait and managed to snag one photo before she was busted… That didn’t stop her from getting a look at the offerings and giving us an update: This evening, there was no line to get into the YSL sample sale… but the[...]

Was the YSL Sale Worth the Wait?

Like many of you, I knew the wait to get inside the YSL sale would be long.  It’s one of those sales on the radar of every fashionable woman and man in New York City.  Plus, it’s been rumored to be one of the last such sales for the label.  For these reasons, I wanted to take part so I took the day off, got up bright and early to stand in line.  A friend joined me[...]