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Last Days of the Shoe-Inn Warehouse Sale

As many of you know, it’s been a slow week for sample sales. That said, we decided to check the Shoe-Inn warehouse sale at Penn Pavilion across from Madison Square Garden on 7th Avenue. It ends tomorrow, January 12th. Over the years, the Shoe-inn has held this sale in this area either here or a few blocks uptown on Broadway. Past sales offered some high-end designe[...]

Shoe-Inn 20th Annual Warehouse Sale - Boots, Shoes, Sandals and More

The 20th Annual Shoe-Inn Warehouse Sale kicked off this week at its standby location at Gotham Hall in Midtown. This is just in time for those shoppers still looking for deals on footwear. The sale tends to offer mid-range and lower-range brands. One of our contributors, Discount Di, stopped in yesterday and gives us her impressions. "Lots of good quality items to [...]

Mid-level Designer Brands at Shoe-Inn Warehouse Sale

The chain retailer, Shoe-Inn, is hosting a warehouse sale in Midtown through tomorrow. This sale use to carry a lot more of high-end designer footwear for women. But this time, it's yielded mostly mid-level brands. We stopped in earlier in the week to find lots of footwear. Shoes and sandals are in the front of the large open space while boots are in the back. In o[...]

Prices Slashed at the Shoe-Inn Sale

Prices Slashed at the Shoe-Inn Sale

We just heard this morning about further reductions at the Shoe-Inn Warehouse Sale in the Garment District.  All boots are now 20% off the sale price and the deal on shoes is:  buy one, get one free.  We're not sure what the selection is like at this point... but if you're looking for footwear, it's worth a check.  The sale ends today at 7pm.  Click here to see our [...]

SALE ALERT:  Shoe-Inn 16th Annual Hampton's Sale

For those of you who've contacted us asking about the Shoe-Inn summer sale... It's actually happening this week, starting this Wednesday, August 15th. The sale is being held in the Hamptons as well as at Long Branch, New Jersey. We're told all shoes are ranging in price from $15-$149. Where/When:  American Legion Hall, Amagansett, RT 27 (Montauk Highway); Westh[...]

Happy Feet at the Shoe Inn Warehouse Sale...

  Truckloads of shoes, booties and boots can be had at the Shoe-Inn warehouse sale which kicked off this morning inside Gotham Hall in Midtown.  There was no line and the massive space was fairly calm. As you walk in, you're required to check in your coat... Once inside, you'll see the main area where you'll find tons of shoes in all sorts of styles displayed on[...]

The Shoe-Inn's Massive Warehouse Sale... so-so selection.

Through Thursday, the Shoe-Inn is hosting it's annual warehouse sale in the Garment District where thousands of shoes and boots are up for grabs. In previous years, the sale has had a wide selection of designer footwear. However, when I stopped in late yesterday (the first day of the sale), I wasn't impressed with what I found.  I started with the boot section. Whil[...]