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Maje Sample Sale Offers Further Markdowns

Parisian women's contemporary brand, Maje, is hosting a sample sale. And with just a few days left to the end (April 21), they've markdown prices. The sale is taking place at 260's 150 Greene Street location in Soho. Fashionable Femme Jen checked out the offerings today. Here's her report: "Markdowns at Maje today! Take an additional 20% off original sample sale pr[...]

Price Reductions at Maje Sample Sale in SoHo

Get deals on Parisian brand, Maje, at a sample sale in Soho. Those discounts got better today after further reductions are being offered shoppers. Up for grabs are ready-to-wear pieces, accessories, footwear and jewelry. We've not been to the sale yet but it does go through this Sunday, October 7th. In the meantime, we're posting pictures (including the new priceli[...]

Maje Sample Sale in Soho

Another sample sale in Soho... this one is with French fashion line, Maje. Some of you mentioned it in comments in the Marc Jacobs post. A fellow shopper sent us photos (Thanks kju!). See the gallery below which includes the price list. Our tipster tells us this was the first time she's had a look at the brand. She thought it was worth a visit and liked some of the[...]

Additional Discounts at Maje Sample Slae

Yesterday (Friday), sale prices were being slashed at the Maje sample sale in Soho. But, by then, some key items had already sold put such as handbags and jewelry. As we were walking into the space, we noticed one shopper with at least 10 shopping bags filled with merchandise. Inside, it was fairly crowded. Despite the lack of handbags and jewelry, there was lot[...]

Additional Reductions at the Maje Sample Sale

Today, sale organizers are offering further discounts (extra 20% off) at the French brand, Maje, sample sale at 260 Fifth Avenue.  We checked out the deals yesterday. There were still plenty of merchandise, many of the pieces can be worn this season (spring) with a color palette that looks like the hues of cherry blossoms. There were also a lot of basic white and b[...]

Maje Sample Sale

Parisian ready-to-wear brand, Maje, is holding sample sale this week at 260 Fifth Avenue. This label is more rock-and-roll compared to its sister brand, Sandro, which held its sale last week. There was no line outside but it was busy inside when we stopped in after work yesterday. Shoppers were crowding around various racks - dresses ($110), pants ($95) and blazers[...]

Additional Discounts Sandro & Maje Sample Sale

Instead of hosting their sale on different dates, this season, sister brands Maje and Sandro are having their sales together. We checked out the deals today when they started further discounts. Mushkie has our report: "Already on opening night it was clear that there was a smaller selection. Today, markdowns began so I decided to take a look this afternoon. Appa[...]