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Intermix Sample Sale

Intermix Sample Sale

The Intermix sample sale is underway and goes through this Sunday where shoppers will find lots of merchandise from a long list of brands. We checked out the deals earlier this week. Mushkie has our report: I checked out the footwear first (70% off original retail). Shoes are lined up along the left wall. Amongst the designers on offer are Paul Andrew, Sophia Webst[...]

Extra Discounts (served up with poor customer service) at the Intermix Winter Sale…

  Fashion-forward retailer, Intermix, is making its winter sale more attractive by offering an extra 50-percent off the sale price.  But as fellow shopper, Laura, found out, the appalling service is killing the shopping experience.  Here's what she had to say about her experience at the Madison Avenue boutique: When I got word Intermix was marking down their sale it[...]

Tipster Report:  Just nix the Intermix Sale...

Bargain shopper, Sample Sale Diva, ventured into the Intermix store in Soho yesterday to see what kind of selection they had left on their winter sale.  Her hopes were dashed as soon as she went in.  The Diva tells us it was "one big FAIL": ...Basically, they put all the rejects of many high-end brands in one little corner and marked the prices down... between [...]

A Look at This Week's Sales...

Additional discount at the Barneys Warehouse Sale in Chelsea.  This weekend you'll get an extra 40% off the sale price of women's designer clothing (make sure they have the 'red star' stamp) and shoes.  Plus, 25% off men's merchandise.  Where/When: 255 W. 17th St. b/w 7th and 8th.  Thru Sept 7th: Weekends (10-7); Weekdays (10-9) Mon 9/7 (10-7). You’[...]