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Hermès Sample Sale Returns!

Mark your calendars! The Hermès sample sale is back! The highly-anticipated and much-hyped event is returning in September after skipping it completely last spring. Fellow blogger, Mizhattan, broke the news yesterday. If you do plan to go, be sure to brace yourself for shopping insanity… Previous sales (this one and this) were disappointing. Let’s hope that last Ma[...]

Update:  A Disappointing Hermes Sale...

Let's get to the point...  In my opinion, this season's Hermes sale has really gone downhill... a real disappointment. If you're looking for scarves or handbags, forget it!  The selection for accessories, especially the signature scarves was non-existent (only a handful of large unappealing silk and wool scarves).   As for handbags, there were none to be [...]

Great Finds at VPL's Vintage Affair...

For just two days, VPL designer Victoria Bartlett is hosting a one-of-a-kind vintage sale at her boutique on Mercer Street in Soho.  Wednesday night, Victoria was gracious in allowing me a sneak peek at the pieces up for grabs at the so-called Vintage Affair.  I took photos of the merchandise as well as the designer herself as she was pricing the garments. Vi[...]

POSH Sale:  Couture Bargains for Charity, plus High Society

For four decades, the POSH sale has kicked off every spring.  This time, New York City's top fashion fundraiser is taking place at a new location... The Plaza Hotel. The sale is a treasure trove of new and gently worn designer clothing, accessories and footwear for women, men and children at 50 to 80 percent off the retail price. Designers include Alexander McQueen[...]

Ho-hum Hermes Sample Sale...

Unless you're a huge fan of Hermes, I'd suggest skipping this sale.  The other bloggers (Madison Avenue Spy) were correct in their overall assessment of this season's deals... a disappointing selection and dissatisfying discounts.  I stopped in Thursday morning before the Phillip Lim sample sale (A mistake - I should have just gone straight to PL). The much sough[...]

This Morning's Wintery Mix Doesn't Stop Hardcore Hermes Fans

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTZfUhg2f-4 At 9:30am Wednesday, the line to get inside the Hermes sale (officially started today) was insane.  Hardcore fans didn't let the wintery weather stop them from waiting for what could be hours for those at the end of the line (which was in front of B&H at 9th Avenue b/w 33rd and 34th Sts.  If these people read Madison Av[...]

The Hermes Sample Sale is a Letdown

  Nothing of note caught my eye at the Hermes sample sale when I dropped into Soiffer Haskin today.  It's possible that I may have missed the boat and waited too long to check out the merchandise.  However, I don't think it would have made a difference if I had stood in line for at least two hours yesterday and went in then.  Today, it was a breeze to get in ([...]