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Helmut Lang Sample Sale in Soho

A Helmut Lang sample sale taking place in Soho goes through this Sunday, August 19th. Fashionable Femme Jen checked out the offerings. Pricing is still the same when she went in today... Here's Jen's report: "Helmut Lang is one of my favorite brands, though this week’s sample sale is a bit anti-climactic for me. Racks of past sale product with few new additions are[...]

Theory/Helmut Lang Sample Sale is a Bust!

The Theory and Helmut Lang Sample Sale is underway this week through Friday at Clothingline in the Garment District. Christina who has our report was not impressed with the selection. Here's her take: "I rushed there after work on Tuesday and got there around 5:30 p.m. There was no line to get in and I noticed quite a few people leaving empty-handed (never a good s[...]

Seasonal Clothing at Helmut Lang Sample Sale

  The Helmut Lang sample stock sale taking place at Chelsea Market offers plenty of pieces perfect for the fall/winter months ahead. What's here is mostly women's apparel, although, there was a limited selection of men's stuff. The sale items are stock in a range of sizes and everything is organized by style and size. The markdowns appear to be around 60%-6[...]

Plenty of Merchandise at Helmut Lang Sample Sale

The Helmut Lang sample sale opens to the public today at Chelsea Market and goes through Sunday. We stopped into the space yesterday when they were still setting up. Mushkie has our review: "Merchandise is set out according to category and size. Apparel is plentiful and I was assured and shown the back-stock. (It's all downstairs and still wrapped in plastics!) So [...]

Great Leather Pieces at Helmut Lang Sample Sale

The Helmut Lang sample sale got underway on Wednesday... It goes through this Sunday. Nicole who spent another day of shopping stopped in. Here's her review: "The merchandise was very well organized with women's jackets & outerwear on the left; dresses, bottoms and tops in the middle; and men's on the right. Women's denim and tees are in the back. This sale is [...]

Mostly Pants at the Theory/Helmut Lang Sample Sale

The Theory/Helmut Lang Sample Sale is underway in the Garment District. Mushkie checked it out yesterday and tells us the selection is very limited. "Unless your in the market for work slacks, this sale is a skip... It was pretty quiet when I attended the sale and most people left empty handed. More than half the merchandise for sale is pants. I spotted Helmut L[...]

Helmut Lang Weekend Sample Sale

Helmut Lang Weekend Sample Sale

Yet another Helmut Lang Sample Sale is taking place over the weekend. This one is being held in Chelsea Market (closer to 10th Avenue). We received late notice on this one... While many of you may be tired of seeing a repeat sale by this brand (there have been 3 in just two months), we're told that there will be lots of new merchandise at this sale from the pre-fal[...]