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Fashionhaus Showroom Hosts a Multi-Brand High-End Designer Sample Sale

The Fashionhaus Showroom at 58 West 40th Street (9th Floor) represents high-end American and European designers, many of which are sold in stores such as Barneys New York. This week, the showroom is hosting its spring sample sale starting Tuesday (April 30th) through Thursday (May 1st). This one is one we like to check out because of the luxurious pieces from label[...]

Fashionhaus Showroom Sample Sale: by Malene Birger, Harvey Faircloth, Odeeh, Allude

The Fashionhaus Showroom at 58 West 40th Street (9th Floor) carries high-end American and European designers. Twice a year, the showroom hosts a sample sale - one which we always like to check out. Coming to the he showroom, you'll feel like you're shopping in a boutique. It's airy, spacious with plenty of light. The pieces are neatly organized by style and pricing[...]

Fashionhaus Showroom Fall Sample Sale

This week, Fashionhaus is hosting its fall sample sale at its showroom near Bryan Park. Here you'll find deals on luxury European and American designers. Markdowns are wholesale and less. Designers Include: by Malene Birger Allude Cashmere Harvey Faircloth G Lab Lempelius Odeeh Spencer Vladimir Fil Noir Anne Vest Rene Lezard Ameri[...]

Fashionhaus Summer Clearance Sale

For just two days, Fashionhaus showroom is hosting a summer clearance sale. The showroom carries high-end European and American brands, many can be found at retailers such as Barneys. We checked out the selection after work and found some great pieces for summer, including tops and knits. As for pricing, the 0039 Italy summer shirts and dresses are just $75. [...]

Fashionhaus Showroom Fall Sample Sale

    This week, Fashionhaus is hosting its fall sample sale offering plenty of options for the cooling temperatures ahead. The showroom represents a number of luxury European and American brands. This season, they have plenty of pieces from Belgian designer by Malene Birger - dresses are $250, sweaters are $145, blouses $150, jackets/blazers $295. [...]

Inside Fashionhaus Showroom Sample Sale

The Fashionhaus Showroom represents a number of high-end well-made brands - a few of which are sold at Barneys. For that reason, we try to stop into its seasonal sample sales. This week, through Friday, April 22nd, the showroom will open its door to the public offering deals on actual samples and production for wholesale or less. The showroom carries European and A[...]

Fashionhaus Fall Sample Sale

This week, Fashionhaus is hosting its fall sample sale. The showroom near Bryant Park represents a number of high-end designers from Europe and the United States some of them established while others are emerging brands. Among them: By Malene Birger, Harvey Faircloth, Rene Lezard, Allude, Sayaka Davis, Odeeh, Aeron and more. I try to make a point to stop into this [...]