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A Look at Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys End-of-Season Sales

Summer is here and for bargain hunters that means end-of-season sale... Larry Label Whore checked out the selection at Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman. Here's his review: "I first went into Barneys where this year they were doing something that I haven't seen in all of the years I've shopped there. Instead of doing a final markdown of 70% or 75% off they decided to do[...]

Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets Memorial Day Sale

With the Memorial Day Holiday comes sale offers... Larry Label Whore went on a shopping trip to Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets with his parents and he has the low-down: "We went on a Friday because all of the deals start then and we didn't want to deal with the weekend rush of people. If you spend a good amount of time there you'll definitely find some great deal[...]

Tip-off: Burberry Sample Sale

A tipster told us about tomorrow's (Thursday) Burberry Sample Sale... Not a lot of details, just the location and date. Apparently, it's just for employees. That said, Larry Label Whore managed to get into last season's sale... Here's his story: "After sneaking my way in last year, I almost flipped out because the prices were freaking unbelievable! When I go[...]

Larry Label Whore’s Obsession with the Short Sleeve Polo

Now that summer is coming to an end, Larry Label Whore tells us about stocking up on some basics… Every season brings a new fashion obsession for me. This summer, I was obsessed with the short sleeve polo. "The quintessential polo, in my opinion, is done by Burberry. My must-have polo this season is the Burberry London Adler polo. It’s everything a great polo s[...]

Saks Fifth Avenue Independence Day Sale

Through this Sunday (July 7th), Saks Fifth Avenue is hosting a major designer sale.  Larry Label Whore checked out the offerings at the flagship store on Fifth Avenue. “My favorite department store sale of the year is here. While Bloomingdale's and Macy's give you sales all year 'round, Saks only goes down 70% a handful times a year. I wait for this sale because [...]

Bloomingdale’s Summer Sale – up to 80% off Retail

Larry Label Whore is a true shopper of deals.  He’s found plenty of bargains during the end-of-season sales at department stores.  Larry stopped into Bloomingdale's recently and shares his findings: “As I've said many times on the site the best deals are at the department stores. Some sample sales can be great, but if they aren't at least 80-90% off there's no po[...]

Deals at Woodbury Common Premier Outlets?

With the sample sale season not yet in full swing, Larry Label Whore made the trip to Woodbury Common near Harriman, New York with his mother to see what kind of deals he could find.  Larry went into quite a number of high-end designer outlets to find discounts at around 80% off retail. “It's always a good idea to check in to what's going on at Woodbury Common. I[...]