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Brunello Cucinelli Sample Sale

The Brunello Cucinelli holiday sale got underway this morning... Our insider, Larry Label, checked out the goods.  For many of you familiar with the label, you'll know that the original prices tend to be a bit steep (Afterall, this is a label known for its quality fabrics and workmanship,  such as luxurious cashmere and wool made in Italy).  For Larry, the 60-perc[...]

Thru Friday, Brunello Cucinelli is hosting its semi-annual sale.  If you know the label, you'll be familiar with the high quality garments.  Even with 60 percent off retail, the pieces here can still be a bit pricey.  We haven't been able to head over there to see the offerings this time around.  But the last sale had Brunello's coveted cashmere sweaters ranging i[...]

Brunello Cucinelli's Luxe Clothing on Sale...

  Plush, soft, luxurious cashmere is in abundance at the Brunello Cucinelli fall sale.  If you love high quality cashmere, this is the sale to find them. The garments here are still going to cost you a pretty penny... even after the 60 percent off the retail price.  But for the quality, it's worth it.  After looking at these garments, I just couldn't waste my [...]