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Bottega Veneta Sample Sale Opens Today

Summer tends to be slow for sample sales… But this week, there's one that's on our radar - the Bottega Veneta sample sale being held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. It's open to the public for three days, through July 26th. We hear that the discount is up to 80% off on men's and women's ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses and small leather [...]

Last Day of Bottega Veneta Sample Sale

The Bottega Veneta sample sale being held at the Metropolitan Pavilion ends today (Thursday) at 7pm. We  checked it out first thing this morning when there was no line. Cellphones aren't allowed inside so we couldn't snap any photos. But we'll give you the lowdown on the deals. As far as what's left... not surprisingly, the selection is sparse. The merchandise i[...]

No More Bags at Bottega Veneta Sample Sale

By lunchtime today (Wednesday), the handbags at the Bottega Veneta sample sale had all sold out. Small leather accessories were all pretty much gone except for a handful of iPhone cases ($30) and belts ($100). Shoppers walking in looked clearly shocked and disappointed to find no more bags. We asked staffers if they would be bringing anymore out. They responded[...]

DSW Designer Shoe Sale – Under $100

Periodically DSW will host a designer shoe sale. We heard about one taking place at the Herald Square store on West 34th Street. Larry Label Whore happened to be in the neighborhood so he checked it out. “All of my friends know not to get between me and a good high-end pair of shoes, especially at prices of less than $100! I'm always interested in the Luxe sho[...]

Last Day of the Bottega Veneta Sample Sale

Earlier this week, Mizhattan reported on the Bottega Veneta sample sale  taking place at the Metropolitan Pavilion on West 18th Street in Chelsea. Hoping to find some deals for men, Larry Label Whore ran over there this afternoon. Larry sent us a few photos, including the price list.  He says there’s barely any men’s stuff but lots of women’s merchandise left.  T[...]

Deals at Woodbury Common Premier Outlets?

With the sample sale season not yet in full swing, Larry Label Whore made the trip to Woodbury Common near Harriman, New York with his mother to see what kind of deals he could find.  Larry went into quite a number of high-end designer outlets to find discounts at around 80% off retail. “It's always a good idea to check in to what's going on at Woodbury Common. I[...]

A Bleak Barneys Warehouse Sale

We heard all the negatives about this season's Barneys Warehouse Sale. Being an optimistic bargain hunter, I wanted to have a look for myself. We checked out the women's merchandise on the main floor. First stop, shoes. By Monday, the discount was down an additional 25% off the sale price. A change from last sale - the larger shoes are closer to the cash register[...]