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Sign up! Barneys Warehouse Sale ONLINE

  It’s official… for the second time ever the Barneys Warehouse Sale will be available on the Web. No word on when the online sale will take place. However, you can click here to sign up so you can be notified when it goes live.  As we reported earlier, the traditional sale will start February 14th and go through February 24th.

Barneys Warehouse Sale: Returns! Online? Relocate

Once the dates were revealed about the Barneys Warehouse Sale, a few questions popped up.  The sale is expected to return to its Chelsea location next month - on Valentines Day... Like many other blogs, we wondered whether sale organizers will follow the move from last season and take the deals online. No definite word on that but we’re guessing - yes since it wa[...]

Final Days at the Barneys Warehouse Sale

With tomorrow (Tuesday) being the extended last day of the Barneys Warehouse Sale, Fashionable Femme Jen braved today's crowd to give us an update.... While the selection is really bottom of the barrel, the discount might just be worth you stopping in on the last day. Even with an online sale preceding the annual warehouse event in NYC, there is no shortage of merc[...]

Barneys Warehouse Sale Extended Thru Tuesday, Sept 4th

As some of you have already reported, the Barneys Warehouse Sale has been extended through tomorrow (Tuesday) September 4th.  They apparently have lots of merchandise left so they've had to extend the sale another day... But the question is:  What's left? Where/When: 255 W. 17th Street. Thru Tuesday, Sept 4th. (9-9p).

SALE UPDATE:  Barneys Warehouse Sale

Now that there's just a few more days left of the Barney's Warehouse Sale... the serious price slashing is underway. But what does the selection look like? Fashionable Femme Jen stopped in last night and had a look. Here's what she found: Prices are slowly decreasing at the Barney's sale, and so is the quality and selection. Well, almost. Most Women's clothing, s[...]

Additional Discounts at the Barneys Warehouse Sale

Now that we're entering the home stretch of the Barneys Warehouse Sale, you can expect further markdowns. Thanks to one of our readers for giving us an update earlier... This evening, I grabbed a snapshot of the updated price list for those interested in seeing it. An extra 25% off is being given to most of men's merchandise and women's designer apparel. The better [...]

Barneys Warehouse Sale: Women's Designer Clothing

For me, the Barneys Warehouse Sale has been a bust so far! I stopped into the Chelsea space again last night after a friend wanted me to accompany her. We headed first to the women’s designer section since I already surveyed and reviewed shoes on the first day. Just two days into the sale... and already the selection was seriously depleted and lacking. We spent a fe[...]