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Plunging Discounts at the Barneys Warehouse Sale...

If you haven't made it to the Barneys Warehouse Sale, this is the week to head over there.  Sale organizers continue to drop prices on a daily basis.  On Wednesday, women's designer (red star) items went down to 60% off.  That goes for jeans as well.  Women's shoes are still 50% off the sale price and ready-to-wear is still at 40% off.  As for the guys, men's des[...]

Spot Check:  Additional Discounts at Barneys Warehouse Sale...

No surprise that sale prices have been slashed further at the Barneys Warehouse Sale.  I stopped by Tuesday night to find that women's designer (red star) clothing, jeans and shoes are now 50% off sale prices, ready-to-wear garments are now 40% off.  For men - designer, sportswear, sportcoats, outerwear and shoes are now marked down a further 40% off.  Shirts a[...]

Newsflash:  Additional 40% off at the Barneys Warehouse Sale...

After a tipster's tip, I had to stop by Thursday night just before the doors closed at the Barneys Warehouse Sale to check out the additional markdowns.  Organizers have slashed sale prices even further.  Now, you'll get an additional 40% off women's designer clothing and shoes. But be warned (as one Sally source pointed out), the extra discount is for 'red star[...]

Update: Get an extra 25% off at the Barneys Warehouse Sale

The Barneys Warehouse sale has begun slashing prices on merchandise.  I stopped by on Monday night to find that shoes (both men and women) are now marked down 25 percent off the sale price.  The women's 'red star' items also fall under this discount.  Ladies, that means high-end designers such as Balenciaga, Lanvin, Jill Sander, Prada, Piazza Sempione, Narciso [...]

Follow up: Barneys Warehouse Sale... the Scoop on Men's Items

There is one reason to hit the Barneys Warehouse sale early:  the men's suits.  In the first few days, you'll find some high-end designer suits.  The really nice suits tend to go fast and by the end of the sale, there's not much left to choose from. I stopped in Friday night with my BF  just to check out the merchandise in the men's section downstairs where[...]

A Busy Day at the Barneys Warehouse Sale in Chelsea...

One of the major shopping events of the year, the Barneys Warehouse sale, which happens only twice a year, started Thursday and runs through Labor Day.  At 8:30 am on the first day, the place was already packed. A line had formed outside before the doors opened.  Inside, shoppers were already rummaging through the racks, grabbing at shoes and, in one corner, peeling[...]