Retailers around New York City are offer some great summer deals… Larry Label Whore checked out men’s merchandise at the high-end department stores on Fifth and Madison Avenues.

“I haven’t been able to attend lots of sample sales this year, but there’s only one biannual event that will get me to shop for hours in New York City and that is the end of season sale at Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, and Saks! Here’s my take on what’s on offer:

If anyone follows my end-of-season sale reviews then you would know I stop at Bergdorf’s first. They are the smallest and have the lowest selection so I usually check it out first. This year, I made it two days after they went up to 75% off and I definitely paid the price – literally. They only had a few racks left with scarce merchandise. They had their usual designers such as Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, etc… but nothing popped out at me. I really felt this season’s selection was a major disappointment. At one of the counters they had small leather goods which were mostly Christian Louboutin spiked wallets. They were 50% off retail, which isn’t much of a discount and not as good as the Barneys discount on them (which I’ll talk about later). I left there with nothing.

Then, I walked up to Barneys where I am always in heaven. The markdown is now at 75% off most of their clothes and 7 floors to go through! The main floor had a very small section in the corner of their small leather goods which you really have to look for to find. They had the same Louboutin wallets as Bergdorf’s, but these were 60% off. At Bergdorf’s they were about $239 while at Barneys they came out to $189 (without tax). I really wanted to get one, but they were too small for the amount of cards I carry. I then started my trek up the floors, but like at Bergdorf’s nothing caught my eye at all from any of the designers on any of the floors. The ONLY item I really wanted was a Balmain sweater from $1050 down to $259, but it was a size too small. The other floors were major disappointments too with nothing appealing from Balenciaga, McQueen, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, etc… Moncler and shoes were 50-60% off, but also nothing to write home about. I left with nothing.

My last hope was the always reliable Saks where for the first time they went down to 75% off clothing! This must be to compete with the other stores. I never understood why they only went to 70% off in the past. The one thing I hate about how Saks runs their sales is that they don’t separate their clothes by designer. Every is bunched up together by sizes so you have to go through EVERYTHING to find specific designers you’re interested in. Shoes and sneakers were a great deal at 70% off retail, but the selection was going fast. They had a few Ferragamo boat shoes in different sizes, Prada flip-flops, and on the other men’s floor a better selection of sneakers from designers like Versace and Buschemi. I finally made it to the clothes, but found the selection not as good as previous years. I found out they were going to do a remodel (which was cancelled) so they got only half of the usual merchandise this year. If you’re looking for Belstaff, Marcelo Burlon, and Ralph Lauren then you were in luck, but they had much less that previously of Alexander McQueen, Ferragamo, Burberry, Valentino, Balmain, and even nothing from Fendi.

A big difference between Saks and the other stores was not only did the shoes go down to 70% off, but they carry clothing from Dior and Ferragamo which the other stores do not. There were a couple of nice Ferragamo polos at $70, but I didn’t get any. They actually had a nice selection of Dior at an amazing 75% off. I picked up a beautiful diamond-design sweater from $1150 down to $267. Other than that there were a few Burberry short sleeve shirts at $63 so I got one too.

All in all, I was pretty disappointed at the selection and this season’s design’s, but you can never go wrong with 75% off. If only Neiman Marcus will smarten up and get rid of their 65% off joke. It’s always worth going to the department stores because you never know what you will find. Another end of season sale in the books!

Happy Shopping!” -Larry Label Whore