There were rumours that the Staff USA showroom had planned to move to Paris and last season’s sample sale would be the last one. But, at least for now, they’re still here.

This season brings yet another sample sale at its showroom on West 19th Street in Chelsea. We stopped in at the end of the day Friday, the first day of the sale.

There was plenty of merchandise for both men and women. As in the past, clothing is in the main space – men on one side and women on the other. Small accessories such as wallets, sunglasses and jewelry are near the registers.

Shoes and handbags are in a separate room. There’s a variety of styles in a range of sizes.¬†Shoes range from 35-41 for women but we did notice more available in size 37. Lots of men’s sneakers size 41-47 (more in size 43).

When we were there the pricing was at wholesale. Examples include Margiela dresses at $1000+, sweaters at $500+, a leather Margiela skirt $1,800, handbags at just under $1000 and some small crossbodies are $500+. Shoes around $300, boots just under $500.

This time the showroom threw in some Marni pieces – many of them were quite elaborate and the sign said that these pieces were priced as marked with no further markdowns.

Those who’ve come to this sample sale season after season know that sale organizers will offer further markdowns as the sale goes on. We’ve seen further discounted go from an additional 30% to 70% off the wholesale price.

Sale ends on Sunday. If you happen to stop in, let us know what you find and where the discount is at.

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