Evidence tonight that women must have their shoes…  I popped into the Delman preview sale to find women frantically rummaging through boxes.  One would have thought that there was a shortage of footwear.  Delman, a respected brand since the 1920s, has a loyal following.  Apparently, the line outside earlier in the day went down the street and the cash registers were reportedly trafficked for three hours straight.  Up for grabs were all sorts of styles – everything from the latest trend watersnake sandals and gladiators to classic quilted flats and low-heel work shoes.  Some of the women tonight bought at least three pairs of shoes.  I considered a pair that looked a lot like Chanel’s classic quilted ballerina flat.  However, they didn’t fit quite right.  They are a great basic shoe for all seasons which is why I had my eye on them.

The sale had three price points – red dots cost $109, green dots $99 and yellow dots $89.  If you got there early, you could have snagged a pair of Delman samples for a bargain – $49.  Don’t think there’ll be anything left for the sale tomorrow that opens to the public.  In a back room, there were Nina samples for $30.  There were still quite a few styles and sizes available when I left tonight.  One employee said they would most likely restock for the morning.

Where/When:  Savy & Co. NYC loft; 145 W. 18th St. b/w 6th and 7th Avenues.  Opens to the public Wed-Thurs 10-7p, Fri 10-3p.