The rag & bone sample sale gets underway tomorrow. Tonight, they held the preview which we attended.

There’s plenty on offer, lots of fall items including coats, jackets and sweaters. Women’s merchandise dominates. That said, there were a number of racks of men’s goods, including blazers, jackets, shirts, pants and tees.

Pricing wasn’t that enticing. Women’s items were slightly less than men’s merchandise. For example, dresses are $100 or $185, blazers/jackets $185, denim is $85, black label sweaters are $155.

Denim can also be had and found towards the back folded on shelves.

Shoes are also in the back but selection is fairly limited.

A communal dressing room is available.

A limited selection of accessories (belts and hats) are near the registers.

Sale ends this Sunday, May 20th. Click here for dates and times for this and other sale events in New York City.

If you happen to stop into to sale, we’d love to hear from you!