The hip urban brand, rag & bone, opened its sample sale to the public on Tuesday at a new location in the Meatpacking District   at 459 West 14th Street, near the stairs to the Highline. The comments we are getting shows that the brand continues to draw a crowd.

This season’s new sale space is much more airy and spacious. Men’s merchandise and accessories such as handbags, hats and scarves can be found on the ground floor. Take the short steps up to a level up where you’ll find women’s clothing and shoes.

Some of the men’s stuff was not badly priced. I went looking for a sweater for The Mister and found a basic heathered grey cashmere cardigan for $85. This was less than women’s sweaters which were tagged at $125. I also found a men’s long-sleeved cotton crew neck for just $35.

Other pricing for women’s merchandise ranged from $35 (jean/short-sleeved T-shirts) to women’s collection shirts/tops at $80; women’s outerwear was $250. As for jeans, denim was priced at $85 and leather jeans at $300. As for footwear, boots are $225, heel sandals $175 and flats (including sneakers) $125.

Check out the photo gallery below where you’ll see pricing for most items.

When we checked out the sale this afternoon, there was no line (unlike past sales where there were long waits and long lines!). However, we noticed that some items had already been picked over (especially sizing). The good news is that they say they’re restocking tomorrow or Friday. Sale ends on Sunday. If you happen to stop in, let us know what you find.

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