The Rag & Bone sample sale goes through this Sunday. We stopped in on Thursday evening when it was crowded and pricing remained the same. Mushkie gives us her findings:

“The table in the middle was by far the most popular with women gravitating to the tops. Here you’ll find both women’s collection and rag&bone Jean there. For women’s collection, there were t-shirts at ($65), shirts/tops ($100), sweaters ¬†($135). Jean tops were $85. The sale had lots of fall items. Most of these tops were sweaters and winter blouses/knits.

The shoes are located on the right side. They include flats ($150), boots and heeled sandals ($225). Although there were shoe boxes piled high to the ceiling, shoes were going fast. Sizes and styles selling out quickly. Not so great a savings for some styles such as the Sullivan booties where you save $25 here instead of buying it online. The other boots available are all samples and size 37.

There weren’t many bag options when I went. I only spotted 4 pilot bags and they were in bad shape. I would say they were samples but they were priced with the regular bags ($250). 1 pink regular sized had stains, a forest green mini was missing it’s handle and 2 clutchs looked worn and tattered. There were other styles including small wallets, hobo bags, one shoulder backpacks, and messenger bags. I spotted handbags in 4 different locations so make sure you check out the entire venue! Other accessories available include scarves ($60) hats ($60), and leather belts ($150).

I liked a lot of the dresses ($185)and some of the skirts ($125). My favorite are the Maspeth shirt dresses. I saw it available in both vanilla and spring spruce. The white ones were selling out fast. I couldn’t find one in my size and a few friendly, sympathetic staff members tried to help me find my size but alas there were none available. They told me they do restock every night but they don’t know what sizes they have or what items they have back stock of.

Outerwear consists of coats ($300), jackets ($250) and blazers ($200).

Leather items included pleated leather shorts ($300), leather dresses ($400) and leather jackets ($495).

Jeans are the best deal at $85. I spotted ripped, distressed, and skinny. Shorts are $75. Here too sizes are going fast.

I passed through the men’s selection. There’s less people shopping in this area. Shirts for $50 is a great bargain!

Samples were near the register but had no price tags. If you want an item you have to bring it to the register to check its price.

There was a wait for the fitting room. Staff were very patient and cheerful in answering questions.

If you are a die hard fan head on over. Otherwise I wasn’t impressed with the pricing. A staff member told me they are unsure about markdowns for the last day.” – Mushkie

Where/When:  Chelsea Market, 410 W. 16th Street. Thru Sunday June 28th. Fri (10am-8pm), Sat (11am-7pm), Sun (11am-3pm).