It’s a bit unorthodox to have a sample sale inside a church gymnasium. But that’s where the Rachel Comey sale is being held through Friday inside the St. Patricks Cathedral gym in Nolita. I thought the space looked odd especially since they didn’t have enough merchandise to fill it.

Yesterday, I stopped in for the sale preview… You won’t find any sweaty socks or jockstraps here. What you’ll find are rows and rows of boxes filled with Comey’s well-crafted shoes (made in South America) which are a big draw. The best deals are shoes displayed on the floor by size which are going for $100/pair or 3 for $250. Some of these looked like samples and others looked the worse for wear. If you can’t find anything here, just turn around and you’ll see plenty of footwear inside boxes stacked in the middle of the room.  They’re organized by style: sandals/Oxfords are $190, wedges/heels $215 and boots are $200.

As for clothing, there’s several deeply discounted racks of samples and what look like overstock.  Each piece (tops, bottoms, dresses) are $100 or 3 for $250.  The other racks offer pieces from the spring/summer collection.  I spotted some vintage-inspired dresses that ranged in price from $250-$299.  There were also some random sweaters on a table many were around $100. In terms of men’s stuff, the footwear looked limited and were displayed in a corner of the room and a few racks of clothing.

The indie designer has quite a cult following and I spotted a number of fans here. Unfortunately, the space and bad lighting did not help the presentation of the merchandise.

Where/When: St. Patricks Cathedral, Youth Center Gym, 268 Mulberry St. June 28-29; Thurs (11-8p), Fri (11-6p).