The Proenza Schouler sample sale at 151 Wooster Street in Soho goes through this Sunday, March 31st. We checked it out earlier this week and we honored the “no photo” signs not taking any of our own photos. But we got the price list below and the main photo from sale organizers, 260 SampleSale.

Here’s a brief report from Deme:

“Not as much clothing as in previous years sales. They were surprisingly more PS1 bags than there were in previous years though. The bags were annoyingly priced at 50% to 60% off retail price which meant you had to ask a sales associate to scan the retail tag to get the sale price.  An over stuffed rack of bikinis just in time for summer and nice fall coats/jackets.

The pricing of the clothing translated to about 70% off retail but it was still pricey (see price list pic). But, they did have the basic knits (black merino) which I’m always a fan of for $175. There were summer shoes available in the back as well.”