Further markdowns arrived today at the DFV sample sale in NoMad. Mushkie has our report:

“Everything is an additional 30% off opening day pricing. Samples have arrived and they are not included in the promotion. There is only one rack of samples (it’s near the stairs-across from the fitting room) and all samples are $50.

Apparel is separated by size but I did see lots of dresses on the wrong rack. Dresses dominate the sale. I saw lots of lace dresses ($70) in a variety of colors in all sizes. I only saw 2 styles of wrap dresses left ($87.50). There are also flowy summer tops and billowy pants. I saw a handful of skirts. Buckets of sweaters are on a table near the fitting room. Check out the price list in the gallery below.

Shoes are near the fitting room. Mostly heels are left and one style flat.

Accessories are in 2 locations. Clutches, handbags, and jewelry are near the register. Tights, beanies, and glitter gloves are near the fitting room.

The line to get into the fitting room seems long, but it goes pretty fast. The reason is because you enter in shifts of 20+ shoppers and you only have 15 min to try on. You are warned before you come in. Then every 5 min you are given a warning letting you know how much time you have left.

I wouldn’t be surprise if another round of markdowns occur before the sale ends Sunday.” – Mushkie of Holy in Mundane

Where/When: 260 Fifth Avenue (b/w 28/29 Streets). Thru Sunday June 5th; Fri-Sat (10am-8pm), Sun (10am-4pm).