No line outside the Tracy Reese sample sale when I stopped in first thing this morning.  There was a line at the cash register and the dressing room.  This is the first day of the sale.  There appeared to be lots of dresses to be had, mostly Reese’s Plenty line.  I’m a small so I checked out the size 2s.  Not a lot that I liked.  But there were a lot of cute dresses and skirts in size 6, 8, and 10s.  Also up for grabs were blouses, skirts and pants.  Plus a small selection of shoes ($50).

A rack of one-of-a-kind samples hung from a rack in the back (Tracy Reese pieces $50 and Plenty $35).  The goods on this rack were going fast at 9am this morning.  I’m not sure if there will be much left later today.

Here’s the price list:  Plenty dresses ($100), tops ($75), Skitrs/shorts $50), jersey ($45);  Tracy Reese dresses ($150), TR tops ($100), TR sweaters ($95),  TR skirts ($100), TR pants ($125).

The sale is in a showroom on street level, Redbag at 250 W. 39th St nr. 8th Ave.

Where/When:  Redbag 250 W. 39th St., nr. Eighth Ave. June 16-18, T–W (8–7), Th (8–2).