Twice a year, accessories and jewelry designer Joan Goodman opens her Garment District offices for a sample sale, offering plenty of her Italian-made jewelry. This spring’s sale is taking place this week, going through next Friday, June 8th.

We’re fans of the designer and her creations so we make a point to stop in. This season, we checked it out yesterday evening.

Like past sales, the items are organized on tables by style and price-points.

Here you’ll find plenty of Joan’s signature pieces such as the classic Italian ABS resin links (necklaces and bracelets), horn and resin bangles as well as special vintage pieces from her archives some from very early collections.

Some of the necklaces retail up to $400 and bracelets can retail at $100+.

At this sale, the price range is varied enough that there’s a deal to be had for even those on a tight budget. These include the colorful bangles that start at $25/for 3 (the more you buy, the more you save). There’s also all sorts of other choices going for $15, $20, $30 (and so on).

Joan and her team are on hand during the sale so if you need assistance don’t hesitate to ask.

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