Paul Andrew’s colorfully bold and feminine footwear is marked down at a sample sale in the brand’s offices near Central Park. Sabrina had a look today and gives us her report:

“I love the Paul Andrew shoe brand and was super excited for the sample sale. I went around 11:45AM (shortly after the sale started at 11AM) and there was a good assortment of shoes available, but it was busy and inventory is going quickly. Keep in mind that the space is not very large (it’s held in a room inside an apartment building).

The shoes are organized on shelves by size (no boxes). Similar to past sales from this brand, there are not many 38’s or 39’s (someone working the sale said that few samples come in these sizes). I was disappointed because I wear a 38 and, while the selection was fine, it paled in comparison to the selection for 37’s and 40’s. If you’re either of those sizes, then you’re in luck. There are loads of beautifully colored, well-designed pumps, mules, boots, booties in these two sizes (with a few 41’s sprinkled in). Each pair has a colored sticker that corresponds to the price. Women’s shoes come in six prices: $25, $50, $75, $100, $125, $200.  There is also a small selection of visibly used shoes (mainly size 37) priced at $50.

If you’re looking for quality, unique, chic shoes then check out the sale, but hurry because they are moving fast and the sale is only 2 days.” – Sabrina of Theresa on the Town

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