The Japanese brand, pas de calais, is hosting a sample sale at its Broome Street boutique this weekend. It starts today, August 16th.

We checked out the offerings yesterday evening…

The sale items are in the basement of the shop. As usual, pieces are neatly organized on racks along the wall.

The brand’s color-ways are neutral. Think beige, white, grey, black. Great fabrics! Cottons, linen and wool.

There are much more available for women. Highlights include shirts ($90-$130), sweaters ($100-$130), pants ($120+) and long coats ($220+) – just in time for the fall!

For some pieces, there were a range of sizes and for others, a limited selection.

Not a lot of accessories – a few scarves and canvas bags.

For men, there’s one rack of shirts, pants and jackets from Sage de Cret.

There’s no changing room but there are mirrors situated throughout the space.

We’re a big fan of the brand and never leave the sale empty handed. This time was no different. We came out with a light-weight denim long coat and one of the brand’s signature shirts.