The Parker Sample Sale is taking place in the Garment District through tomorrow (Thursday). Mushkie stopped in yesterday and tells us what she found:

“The Parker sample sale is your destination for your new spring wardrobe. It’s taking place in their showroom but have no fear it is a large and spacious place.  Staff were unpacking boxes and arranging racks when I went to preview the sale this afternoon.
There are plenty of samples ($50 excluding beading) stationed in the center of the sale space.

Stock options include flirty floral rompers ($90), neon silk tops ($60), beaded dresses ($150) and pastel gowns ($180).
You can create an entire new wardrobe from this sale! There is apparel for every occasion. For the beach, Sunday brunch with friends, black tie events, or corporate wear. Make sure to check each rack for undiscovered gems.”- Mushkie


Where/When: 234 West 39th Street, 3rd floor. April 20-21; Daily (830 am-7 pm)