It’s become an annual event after Labor Day… the Paragon Sports blowout warehouse sale which kicked off this morning with markdowns from 50% to 80% off retail.

The event takes place in a large part of the store at Union Square. Entrance is on West 18th Street (b/w Broadway & 5th Avenue). On offer is a large selection of sports merchandise and athletic wear. They include footwear, sportswear, tennis, gold, swim, running, cycling, ski, snowboard, skates, outerwear, team sports, jerseys, camping, backpacks and so much more.

We have yet to check out the offerings… but a fellow shopper (thanks, T!) stopped in this morning and gives us her thoughts:

“… Decided to avoid the start of the usual opening day mad rush at the Paragon sale, at 9am, and got there about an hour later. As usual it was packed with athletes, runners, outdoors types and moms and dads looking for back-to-school bargains for their kids.

I headed straight for the runners section, but was disappointed with the samples– a choice of sizes but some weird colors and still a bit pricey… saw t-shirts “marked down” to about $28-$30 (I’ve gotten cheaper stuff online) and some long sleeved Tee’s and sweatshirts marked even higher. I guess if I had the patience to sift through every item, I might have found a few bargains, but it was hot, crowded and super cramped.

Really wanted to see if there were any running bras, but there were only about 8-10 hanging there–hope they’ll bring out more later in the sale. Lots of shorts though.

Some of the capris and long running tights I checked out were marked at up to 40 bucks or higher…granted some of them were originally marked over $100 but for an item that has to be changed frequently and gets big usage, not worth it.

There were some hydration belts but they were all in a jumble and I couldn’t see the prices–had no desire to push through people to try and figure out what they cost.

Also checked out some of the ski stuff–there were quite a few jackets for kids and men but didn’t see any for women!? Also saw quite a few ski-boots, but there were no ski-pants and didn’t see any other ski-related items like thermals etc.

Saw a few backpacks and laptop bags on sale as well–saw one for hiking which was around $50–a good bargain for hikers.

Also checked out the sneakers…quite a few from Nike, but as a runner was hoping to see Brooks, NB and Saucony–not much of a choice but not bad if you want to pick a pair for the gym–around $50 or so.

I did see a few good hiking boots, nice blue color and around $100 which is not bad–since a good pair can cost quite a bit.

Overall, am hoping that Paragon put out the so-so stuff first to get rid of stock and will be filling the racks with better bargains as the sale goes on.” – Tania

Depending on what you’re looking for, you might find something you need or want. In past sales, we found some good deals. Since this sale takes place through Sept 20th, you have time. Plus, expect them to add new stock to the mix. We’ll stop into the sale at some point this week… stay tuned for our report.

Where/When: 867 Broadway, New York (Entrance is on 18th Street between Broadway & 5th Avenue). Sept 8-20th; Mon-Fri (10am-8:30pm), Sat (10am-8pm), Sun (11am-7pm).