Fun, fanciful and fashionable, Ozone Socks are colorful and whimsical. This week, they’re hosting a sample sale at its offices in the Garment District. One of our contributors, Teri, who is a fan checked it out and gives us her report:

“Love these socks, named after the layer of the atmosphere that protects us from the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. Discovered a few solar-paneled varieties at a thrift store a few weeks back and have been hooked since.

Best deals at the sample sale are the bins filled with sample socks. In the women’s section, there are two big black bins, which hold single socks at $2 each. You can shift through the singles to create an exact pair — easier said than done — or mix and match to create to your own version of reality. Easier to mine the smaller bins (totaling 8) filled with sample sock pairs at $4. Note: the company does not plan on re-stocking the sample bins and by the time I left at around 6 p.m., there were going fast.

The rest of the inventory is on sale for 50% off, which includes all styles from the dark florals to the wilder tropical prints. If you’re a fan of the regular collection, it’s fun to shop the showroom but not necessary — you can buy the socks from the Web site and once you place one order, you are on the mailing list, which frequently has sales and at least for now, there is no shipping fee.

Turns out the company name was inspired by what was a huge hole that used to exist in the ozone, according to Laurie Mallet, the company’s founder, who I ran into in the elevator on the way out. At the time the company was founded, there was a shortage of ozone and she thought that socks could fill the hole.

For those concerned about the environment, the hole in the ozone has been repaired ever since the 1987 Montreal protocol encouraged the worldwide phasing out of the harmful chemical chlorofluorocarbons CFCs, typically used in aerosol cans (think hairspray!) refrigerators, air conditioners, foam food packaging, and fire extinguishers.” – Teri

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