The activewear brand, Outdoor Voices, is offering deals at a sample sale in NoMad. The brand touts itself as making pieces for “doing things daily” such as dog walks, runs, and yoga included. Our writer, Teri, checked out the sale yesterday and gives us her thoughts:

“Honestly, I never heard of Outdoor Voices before the sale — but did some digging to see if it was worth heading into the city – yes, I am among a long line of shoppers who live in the outer borough of Brooklyn. Read a few clips online: women owned, liked that, rave reviews from women’s magazines and in the end, I also was curious how OV compares with the stack of performance ware I have in my dresser (which I actually used on a Canoe trip this summer in Wisconsin and they do perform – not only in city gyms!)

Turns out OV is the hot new brand, according to at least one shopper I chatted with on the LINE, that being the reason for the line. Another woman waiting in line claimed that OV was the new Lululemon. Who knew? Not me.

Arrived at 4:30 p.m. and only waited about 15-20 minutes to get in. However, and there is a BIG however, the line to pay was equally as long as the line outside. The bag check person, who seemed a bit surprised as well, told me it’s been like this all day.

That’s when I opted out of buying the one bra I found (really nice purple-and-dark-blue striped sports bra with thin straps! for $20) but continued to browse. There were lots of everything – from t-shirts to leggings to shorts. Bras in large sizes seemed to be in short supply. A sample sale representative, however, told me that they were restocking the racks as fast as they could; and that all sizes should be available.

As a long-time buyer of performance gear, I also was impressed with the quality and price point. The “real” test, of course, will be if they “perform” in the wilderness, which unfortunately I will not find out – not willing to wait on that line. Maybe next time.” – Teri

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