I opted to skip the first day of the Opening Ceremony sale after I saw the monstrous line this afternoon. I was meeting a friend there.  She called me just as I walked up to the door and the security guard whispered something in my ear.  I couldn’t hear what he said at first.  So I replied “what?”  The guard wanted a bribe!  He said: if I gave him $20, he would let me cut the line.  I looked at him, puzzled, and I had to think about what he just said.  I finally told him thank you.  But no thanks!  While handing him the cash would have saved me the hour or so waiting in line, I felt bad cutting in front of all those people.  Plus I didn’t think going inside to a sample sale was worth paying the guard!

I spoke to a few people leaving the sale to find out if it was worth waiting for… one girl who waited 2 hours left empty handed.  She said the scene inside was just too crazy for her to look around.  She added that the men’s selection appeared to be much better than the women’s.  A guy who came out of the sale agreed with her.  He bought a shirt and T-shirt for himself and a vest for his sister.  They both said that the selection for shoes was mediocre.  As I waited for my friend to arrive, actor Jason Schwartzman walked out with a small bag.  I wonder if he had to wait in line…  His friends were outside. The three of them went into the Opening Ceremony store next door.

If you braved today’s first day, let us know what you thought…

Where/When: 33 Howard St., b/t Broadway & Lafayette St. May 13 to 16. Thurs.-Sat., (11-8p); Sun. (noon-7p)