We’ll have a full report on the other items at this sale… For now, we give you details on the deals on Marc Jacobs Beauty since that deserves it’s own review. Mushkie has that report:

“Marc Jacobs is not my taste but when I heard that this time around the sample sale would be offering beauty I had to check it out!

Makeup is displayed on one counter near the register. I wanted lipstick but there were none available. What they did have was concealer, eyeshadow, blush, eye pencil and one color of nail polish. Everything is 70% off.

Eyeshadows come in mini ($11.40) and long ($17.70) palettes. The mini has 3 colors and the long has 7.

Concealers in the jar are $9.50 and the pencil concealers are $11.70. Foundation is $16.50 and powder foundation is $13.80. Blushes are $9. Brow pencils are $7.50 and eye pencils are $8.40.

Makeup brushes are $14.40. The nail polish comes in one color- a dark winter green- and is $5.40.

You’ll have to request the items you want from the staff member behind the counter. There is only one woman helping out at the counter so the wait is long. Some colors were being sold out so maybe head here first when you attend the sale.” – Mushkie of Holy in Mundane

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