Clothingline appears to be the dumping ground for designers desperate to unload their merchandise, despite the condition of the garments.  That was evident at Theory’s latest sample sale which started Monday and runs through this Thursday.  As with most sales, I was hopeful going into this one.  But what I found was a lot of damaged goods with stains, rips, missing buttons and torn zippers.  Sale organizers did advertise this sale as having “irregulars.” Even with such a markdown, who would pay money for many of the items here?  Surprisingly, there were some takers.  When I came in there was a wait for the dressing room and as I was walking out, a long line of women were waiting to pay at the cash register.

Even if you could find something that was undamaged.  The other problem was the sizing.  Most of the items are sample sizes (4 and 6).  You really had to dig hard, very hard, to find anything worth buying.  I had to spend some time before I spotted an undamaged black waist-length cotton blazer ($60) in my size.  But it closely resembled another Theory jacket I had so I decided against it.  Also on offer were basic pants for $45, dresses also $45, sweaters, knits and tops are $35 and tees for $20.

Where/When: 261 W. 36th St., nr. Seventh Ave., second fl.  M–Th (11–7).  Through 7/30

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