The early girl gets her shoes.  That was certainly the case at today’s Jimmy Choo sale at Chelsea’s Metropolitan Pavilion. I stopped by after work to check out the madness and left empty handed. A well-dressed fellow shopper told me she was hoping to come across some Choos for work. But it was too late to find anything worth buying tonight. The only shoes up for grabs were brown pumps, camel-colored ankle boots and dregs from past seasons in large sizes (39-41). Despite the lack of choice, some women were intent on mucking through the leftovers so they could acquire the highly-coveted brand.

You got a better deal if you bought more.  Buy one pair, you pay $250; two go for $480; three for $630; and if you buy four, they’re $200 each. Used shoes were the actual deal – just $75 ($175 for boots).  However, some of them were seriously damaged.  The sale took place today from 1-7pm.

Earlier in the day, women reportedly stood for nearly four hours in a line that snaked over from the 18th Street door to Sixth Avenue, up 19th Street and halfway down the block.  One shopper said the wait for this sale was worse than the Hermes sale.  If you came early, there was merchandise to be had.  Check out the Jimmy Choo preview...( and see what you missed.